Sunday, 8 March 2009

London Vs Southampton SW Special

It was a night to remember as Secret Wars went back to The Orange Rooms in Southampton for a one off special. Alfa and Teck were responsible for showing what London was made of, whilst Gustav and Brighton favourite Jeeba, were trusted to do away with the tourists.

There was a lot going on outside as Jimi C and Mr K painted panels outside, which were auctioned off at the end of the fact there are still some panels available, so if you're interested, hit us back on

Anyway, back to the battle, it was great, both sides worked hard and afterwards, Teck played harder. The crowd vote naturally went to the home side, but both judges, Neil from the Orange Rooms and Andy from Southampton's Independent Skate Store 'Reskue' both voted in favour of London!!

So congrats to the guys - That makes it 1 - 1. See you again soon!!

A big thanks to Kyle for all his help, Neil for looking after everyone and of course, Reskue for supplying the paint. Check out their online store at

How much people love Secret Wars

Here's a message sent to me - Totally above board and true

bit of a random one but my housemates car got broken into last nite n due to having to pay out 4 a new window and tomtom she is poor n very sad, she was gonna come 2 secret wars 2nite but now doesnt have much money, is there and chance she could get in free? there is a possiblitiy she will wear wet look legging if she can (kinda noticed u had a thing bout them lol) her name is Laura Catherine Waddington. if u cld let me know that wld be wonderful.

best wishes

poor students housemate.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

London Vs Southampton

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Email or for more details

Ain't no stopping the G man!

Reining Champion Gustav seems to be unstoppable. As the winner of Series 1, I was hoping, wishing, someone would be able to knock him out and it was looking like Vents could be that someone. Both artists made sure they went all out.

There was a great crowd in attendance, all wondering who would make it to the final. In the end judges Andy from Reskue Skate Store and Dexter from Orange Rooms both voted in favour of Gustav. The crowd helped make it 3-0.

A big shout out to Vents and Good luck to Gustav in the final