Sunday, 1 February 2009

Rem 1 DNK Vs Derty Laundry

I'm happy to say this was one of the best battles I'd seen in a long time. Firstly, I was looking forward to meeting Derty Laundry. If you'd read his email, asking to compete, you'd know why + his style and work meant this was going to be different from anything I or anyone else would have seen.

Secondly I knew Rem 1 DNK would be able to hold his own and he did in traditional Secret Wars fashion, by going big and hard (Note to self, stop watching porn, just before I'm about to put a post on the blog)

It was a great turn out and R-Kid played a Bonza set (Note to self, don't talk to Aussie Greg, just before I put up a post on here)

Anyway, the judges found it difficult to pick a winner. Both artists were of the highest quality, which meant it was down to the crowd!!! But for them it was easy - REM 1 DNK!!

He'll be up against Pykee on Thursday 26th March!!

Well done and good luck!!

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