Sunday, 30 November 2008

Pykee Vs Mecha One

Well, firstly I have to congratulate Pykee on her victory. That's right, getting straight in there with the result.

I honestly thought Mecha One was going to win the battle as he got off to a good start. Pykee, slow at first was taking her time to make sure her piece was picture perfect. Again, the tail of the Tortoise and the Hare has been re-told Secret Wars stylee!

The first judge went for Mecha one, the crowd vote went to Pykee making it 1-1. The second judge, Buffy from the Soul Cellar assures me her vote was down to artistic preference and not a vote for girl power as she put pykee through to the 2nd semi-final. She'll meet eith Rem 1 DNK or Oliver Harud.

A big shout out to both artists who battled hard and if anyone's browsing the world wide web check out the Mecha One website to see more work and a sweet clothing collection.


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Pykee Vs Mecha One

It's almost timer, just a quick reminder to get down to Soul Cellar this Thursday and show your support for the arts. This is going to be a manic round, with both artists bringing along with them plenty of supporters!! So see you there!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Gustoh Vs Vents - Round 2

Oh what a night - well, it could have been better turn out wise. Another nearby venue was running a night with Beardyman as the headline act and our very own Reeps 1 supporting. (That reminds me, Reeps, do you still want your knife? The one that's lodged in my back? Joke of course) So there was a lot of competition bar wise. But regardless of that, we proved that we've got a load of supporters who turned out to make it another great night.

But enough of that, because the real competition was between Gustoh and Vents, which I can honestly say, did not disappoint!

Both artists worked really hard and it was honestly one of the best battles I'd seen in Southampton for a while. Both going BIG and making their points as clear as a shit stain on a fresh pair of CK's. However there can only be one winner and on the night both judges (Chorley from Say Whoa and Gabriel from Orange Rooms) both voted in favour of Vents, who will now go up against last years winner, GUSTAV.

Again a big shout out to the artists that made the journey down. You can check out more work from them via the Secret Wars website. Just click on the artists name.

Monday, 3 November 2008

2 for 1 in November

We've got two big battles for you guys in November. First up Gustoh Vs Vents. Again fresh new faces joining the ranks. No doubt those faces will be looking a little wary afterwards. Post Traumatic stress is a possibility, but as everyone who takes part says, "It's worth it!" That's on Thursday 6th November - So get down to show your support

and following up on that we have another set of newbies to the Secret Wars game, but pro's in their own right, Mecha One Vs Pykee. Again this is set to be a huge battle similar to that of WWII, with a pinch of wrestle mania. So Be there on Thursday 27th November.

*for some reason the images come up with a hint of sky blue around the text. Make no mistake, Secret Wars is strictly all about the black on white. Maybe a hint of Royal Gold, but only to help emphasize the logo.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Lets get ready to ruuuuuuuummmmbllle!! Gustav Vs VoN

Defending Champion Gustav took care of business once again as he beat new comer VoN 2-1!

The Soul Cellar was boasting a slick new paint job and a brand new sound system, so it was the perfect time to introduce the new students to the city of Southampton. It was a great night, the dead town that is Southampton felt like it'd been resuscitated. Finally we had a pulse and the venue was packed out.

VoN worked really hard and the detail of was impressive, but in the end it was Gustav's overall style and message that got him the two judges votes, but for the first time lost out to the crowd, who backed VoN.

The next battle has been lined up for Thursday 6th November between Gustoh and Vents. Followed by Pykee and Mecha One on Thursday 27th November.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Soul Cellar face lift...Secret Wars stylee!!

Here we have it, the new Soul Cellar Paint job. A big thanks to Raymondo for helping, the guys at Soul Cellar for their support and of course Monorex and the artists...ENJOY!