Friday, 8 May 2009

Southampton Final

A huge congratulations to Gustav for winning his second Secret Wars Final and a massive shout out to Rem 1 DNK for reaching the finals.

It was another great night with everyone out in support. A big shout out to the Say Whoa guys for taking care of the entertainment downstairs. Check out their blog and the parties they put on. I'm sure they'll be in an area near you, very soon!

A big thanks to Jimi C for hosting and of course Reeps 1, who pulled out all the stops. There was one point where I thought he wasn't going to finish. Not that I was complaining or anything, but it had been a long day and I've only just bought one of those memory foam mattresses. So really wanted to test it out.

Back to the report: With Rem 1 winning the crowd vote and Gustav winning the first Judges vote (Pascal UCLA Designer) it was all down to Andy from Reskue - who as you know chose Gustav.

After claiming his cheque, he announced he'll be retiring from Secret Wars, meaning Rem 1 DNK takes his spot in the London series. We're all expecting big things from him. So keep an eye out for him.

Again thanks to all the artists that took part, Edding pens who never get tired of my emails, the Soul Cellar and Reskue.

If you're interested in entering series 3, please send examples of wort to

Oh and a big thanks to Cascade photography for the sweet pics

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