Monday, 3 November 2008

2 for 1 in November

We've got two big battles for you guys in November. First up Gustoh Vs Vents. Again fresh new faces joining the ranks. No doubt those faces will be looking a little wary afterwards. Post Traumatic stress is a possibility, but as everyone who takes part says, "It's worth it!" That's on Thursday 6th November - So get down to show your support

and following up on that we have another set of newbies to the Secret Wars game, but pro's in their own right, Mecha One Vs Pykee. Again this is set to be a huge battle similar to that of WWII, with a pinch of wrestle mania. So Be there on Thursday 27th November.

*for some reason the images come up with a hint of sky blue around the text. Make no mistake, Secret Wars is strictly all about the black on white. Maybe a hint of Royal Gold, but only to help emphasize the logo.

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