Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Southampton beat Barcelona 3-0!

There was a lot of pressure on Southampton to perform against one of the tournaments favourite – Barcelona. Added to Group 3 at the last minute, there were high expectations for the visitors to walk away with a victory.
The judges were carefully chosen to make sure nobody could accuse the home team of cheating. Three creative designers from ‘Sifer Design’ who are based in Portsmouth (If anyone is going to vote against Southampton, it’ll be someone from Pompey, local rivals!)

The second judge was Stephen Stafford, a reporter from the BBC, who’s completely neutral and has no ties to Southampton. Right, fair judges, selected, lets get the show on the road.
Southampton’s team on the night was made up of team captain Hicks 54, Zadok and Mr Dead. The guys had only met the night before and did really well to pull it together.
Polar Bear was the host for the night and I’m sure everyone that was there will agree, absolutely smashed it. He had the crowd hooked!

Both teams worked really hard and I think the Barcelona piece was great. But, everyone needs to remember that it’s not just about whether a team can draw. In Barcelona’s defence this was their first battle and maybe they didn’t grasp the concept. The Southampton team had two veterans and Mr Dead knew all about SW, so it was no surprise, to me at least that, Southampton seemed to edge ahead of Barca.

Sifer Design were first up to judge and they had a difficult time choosing a team. They loved Barcelona’s tattoo style, but it was Southampton’s bold lines and character designs that won them over. First point goes to SOUTHAMPTON!!
Next up, the crowd, Southampton were up first and hit a 1.17 on the decibel reader. Traditionally the last team to go always gets the highest scream…Barcelona scored, 1.16!! Southampton gain a second point.
Last judge on the night was Stephen Stafford, who was reporting on the event. He was amazed at both pieces and surprised they managed to produce the work in 90 minutes!! Again, he found it tough to choose a winner, but similar to Sifer, he preferred the bold lines and the sense of humour that came across in the Southampton piece…SOUTHAMPTON 3-0

A Big thanks to everyone who came down to support the artists. It was a great night!! Southampton are now the first team to win two battles in a row! Bring on the away matches, I say! We’re ready!

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