Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Southampton beat Paris 3 - 0!!

I wasn't on hand for this battle. It was the opening of the Secret Wars Euro League tournament and the promotion was hit hard from every angle, which is probably why there was such a good turn out.

This report might come across one sided, but I'm sure the Paris guys will fill in the blanks. The Southampton team have named themselves 'The Titanics' making sure they stayed afloat for the next voyage against Barcelona on Sunday 21st March @ Orange Rooms Southampton (shameless plug)

The judges were Pascal (Lecturer at Solent Uni) and Christian (Soul Cellar manager and art graduate) both opting for the home side along with the crowd. A well deserved 3 points!

Bring on Barca!!

Photography by Russ Watts -

Winning Piece by The Titanics!!


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