Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Battle Royale...without cheese

Like the opening event for the World Cup or Olympics, we decided to try something different. Sadly both Charlotte Church and Reeps were fully booked, so we had to make do without the national anthem.

There were two teams on the night. Team A and Team B. On Team A, led by defending Champion Gustav, we had Vents and Mr RoRo. On team B captained by Dirty 30, we had SU 1 and E.T.

Music wise, Mr Muffle and R-Kid decided to play a really filthy set. When I say filthy I mean bacteria infested, virus spreading filthy!!! I had to have 6 showers and a skin peel, down to my bones before I felt clean again. The crowd were feeling the tunes and the art work as both teams worked hard to out do eachother and after 90 min the first battle came to an end.

We decided to leave the judges out for this and left the decision down to the crowd. The calpometer, came out from its long slumber to help pin-point who had won....the winners were....TEAM B. Well done Dirty 30, SU1 and E.T.

One last note...because Southampton is a town dependant on the student community, we've decided to push the first battle back to Thursday 25th September. Despite being the most original night to hit Southampton, there just doesn't seem to be enough people around. So put the date in the diary. Artists and battle dates will be announced soon.

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