Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Reeps 1 Vs sObac 2nd Semi Final

Well, it’s finally drawing to a close and it’s getting extremely difficult to not quote from the movie Highlander, but, there can only be one….winner and that winner will either be Gustav or Reeps 1 after he defeated s0bac in the last semi.

Little is known about s0bac; in fact he’s the Secret Wars equivalent to Top Gear’s ‘Stig’ only more illusive. One thing we do know, he can definitely hold his own against any opponent. So this was always going to be an interesting battle.

The night got off to a good start, it always helps to have the artists turn up on time and the crowd were ready to be entertained. I have to say it wasn’t the best battle we’ve had. Don’t get me wrong Reeps and s0bac worked hard, but when it all ended it left people wondering what they had drawn. S0bac’s illustration was clean, detailed and nice, but I didn’t get it. Reeps again had covered his board with interesting and very abstract pieces, but again failed to deliver a killer blow. In the end the words, “s0bac…so what’ went in his favour and helped tip the balance as he was declared the winner by both judges.

Reeps did say afterwards he was in his own little world up there, but will be putting a lot of thought into his next piece against Gustav. He looks set to deliver a special move straight out of Street Fighter 2…Turbo edition.

As for s0bac, he was pleased to have come this far and it was a shame his final piece didn’t do him justice. Looking at his previous work, he looked like the possible winner. But it just wasn’t his night. However I’m sure it’s not the last time we’ll see or hear of him. But then again, he is the ‘Secret Wars Stig’

Watch out for the Southampton Final between Gustav and Reeps 1 on Thursday 27th March @ Soul Cellar…78 West Marlands Road.


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