Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Here we go...Series 2 draw!!

The draw has taken place and the dates are booked and set in stone. Make sure you get them locked into your memory, your diary, your Abi Titmus calendar, your swish iphone, your annoying blackberry, whatever your date recording device is, get these dates in there -

1st Round - Thursday 25th September
Gustav Vs VoN

2nd Round -Thursday 6th November
Gustoh Vs Vents

3rd Round - Thursday 27th November
Pykee Vs Mecha One

4th Round - Thursday 29th January
Rem1 DNK Vs Oliver Harud

1st Semi - Final - Thursday 26th February
? Vs ?

2nd Semi - Final - Thursday 26th March
? Vs ?

Final - Thursday 30th April
? Vs ?

We've got a batch of fresh artists, new to secret wars, but not to the illustrating game, all eager to draw blood from defending champion Gustav, who last year blitzed his way to the top spot. Trust me when I say, from looking at each individuals submissions, the bar has been raised. These artists are guaranteed to titillate your artistic taste buds...mmmmm tasty!

See you there, bring a bib!

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