Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Secret Wars @ Soul Cellar Series 1 Round 1

This was the night that officially kicked off Southampton's very own Secret Wars tournament and what a way to go. First up was Zadok getting down and dirty with Basingstoke's very own Dirty 30. With Zadok's track record this battle was labeled the David & Goliath round, but sadly for Dirty 30 there wasn't a sling shot big enough to bring the man down.

Zadok was the clear winner, despite a mix up with the judges, both voting for Dirty 30 after they'd wrongly mistaken his piece. After a slap round the face and a quick explanation, victory was handed back over to Zadok, who will battle the winner of the next round between Gustav of the Undergrowth and another Basingstoke artist, SU 1, which will be held on Thursday 18th October @ Soul Cellar!!

However, just when the crowd thought that was it, good ol' Reeps 1 showed up, brandishing his deadly skillz and of course his harmonica. The crowd were more responsive than my grandad after a heavy dose of viagra. He rocked it harder than...well my grandad after another heavy dose of viagra!

Anyway, enough of my horny relatives, for more info on the Southampton Wars, keep hitting the secret wars website and make sure you check back at the monorex blog!

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